a tool to regulate refugee crisis

In the UNHCR refugee camp, refugees are divided in two groups;
FAMILIES and SINGLE displaced persons over 18.
Families get code 21 straps (violet).
Single displaced persons over 18 get code 18 (green).
Employees of UNHCR check and capture the personal data of the refugee into the GS1-128 identification system. This data is converted to the code that is engraved on the strap only once per code. The strap is made of a plastic, that can be welded by UV light. So it cannot be removed during the transportation.

The collected data is transferred to all national refugee administrations, that are in charge of deciding about acceptance or refusal of refugees.
With the separated coding for families and single adults, the national administrations have a decision support, who to choose.

The body-connected physical bracelet reduces the possibilities of fraud or mistakes. Having reached the destinated location and initiating the asylum procedures, the bracelet is removed and sent back to the UNHCR office.
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